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Huey M. Rowe-Anderson

 Want to know how the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB) started in Charlotte? Just ask Huey M. Rowe-Anderson, the first President of Charlotte's Metrolina Realtists, which organized in 1979. Since 1972, Mr. Rowe-Anderson has owned Rowe-Anderson Realty and is successful in both residential and commercial real estate.

Mr. Rowe-Anderson was a professor at Johnson C. Smith University when he began his successful career in real estate. He printed his first contact on JCSU's campus. When NAREB solicited for a Charlotte chapter, the national organization sought out, among others, Mr. Rowe-Anderson and Mr. J. C. Cousar. After several conversations, it was settled. Mr. Rowe-Anderson became the chapter's first President and Mr. Cousar was the first Treasurer. Mr. Rowe-Anderson was so dedicated to the newest NAREB chapter, he maintained the required ten-person membership and paid some members' dues out of his own pocket. He considered what NAREB stood for, became active in the national chapter and served as NAREB's 2nd Vice President. He attended the Federal Housing Administration's and the Veterans Administration's meetings in Washington, DC every month for a time in the 1980's, educating himself and NAREB to enhance the purchase power of black consumers nationwide. Also in the 80's, when adjustable rate loans were becoming more prevalent, Mr. Rowe-Anderson was vital in NAREB receiving information and access to these loans for Black Americans. He was active and took the leadership role of NAREB's University of Real Estate. Locally, Mr. Rowe-Anderson represented NAREB and Metrolina Realtists at the North Carolina Real Estate Commission when real estate tests and procedures where changing into what they are today. His tenacity generates continue growth for his business and he makes Charlotte Crown's history richer. Although the original charter documents of NAREB's Charlotte chapter were destroyed in a house fire, the legacy is stronger because of the impact of Mr. Rowe-Anderson and his influences.

Mr. Rowe Anderson is reassured by his faith and is confident in Whom he believes. "I believe in God, that Jesus Christ is His Son and that Jesus is coming back again." He also believes wholeheartedly, "If I confess my sins, He will forgive me."

Mr. Rowe-Anderson's work ethics has influenced his three children, who are successful in their careers. His two sons and daughter live in Charlotte, Atlanta and Gainesville, FL.

Thank you Mr Rowe-Anderson, for all you've done for our community, Metrolina Realtists and for Charlotte Crown!




Our Mission


Empower our communities to increase home ownership through education, financing and other resources; as well as provide economic and professional development opportunities for our membership.  

Realtists Are...

Realtists include Real Estate Brokers, Mortgage Originators, Real Estate Attorneys, Appraisers, Home & Pest Inspectors, Property Managers, Real Estate Instructors, Insurance Professionals, Handyman, and More...  Realtists promote the highest standards of professional integrity by following a strict code of ethics pursuant to professional certifications and accreditation. Realtists advocate for public policies that protect and expand sustainable affordable housing and home ownership.

Charlotte Crown


Charlotte Crown Realtist Association was chartered in 2004.  Charlotte Crown/NAREB are known as ‘Realtist’ and focus on promoting the highest standards of professional integrity. The organization is driven by its mission of creating "Democracy in Housing" and currently has an initiative to increase Black home ownership by 2 million over the next 5 years. The strategic vision of Charlotte Crown

is to rebuild black wealth through home ownership.  Charlotte Crown is the local advocate to serve the under-served

 and meet the needs of the 

Greater Charlotte area. 

Our Mission

Empower our communities to 

increase home ownership through 

education, financing and other resources; as well as provide economic and professional development opportunities for our membership.  

Our History


Charlotte Crown Realtist Association is the local chapter of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers (NAREB).  NAREB was founded in 1947, as an equal opportunity and civil rights advocacy organization for African American Real Estate Professionals, Consumers, and Communities.  NAREB has fought to ensure that African-Americans and other minorities received fair treatment in all real estate transactions.  NAREB is the oldest minority trade association and its members are known as ‘Realtist’ and focus on promoting the highest standards of professional integrity.  NAREB's holds a vision of creating "Democracy In Housing" in the Greater Charlotte Area.  With our diverse membership base, we focus on every facet of the real estate market.


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